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Mr. Disc Golf Tour

Event Name Date(s) State City Type Spots Registration Status Watch
Lehigh Valley Ice Bowl Sat Jan 25 PA Bethlehem 250
Full / Closed
Hickory Run Hootenanny Sat Feb 08 PA White Haven Charity Event 72
45 Players
Mrdiscgolf 's Birthday Bash! Sun Mar 01 PA Philadelphia PDGA 90
Opens Jan 30, 8:00 PM Eastern
Mrdiscgolf presents Battle At the Hills Sun Mar 22 PA Lebanon PDGA 80
Opens Feb 25, 8:00 PM Eastern
The Cubby @ Twin Grove sponsored by Dynamic Discs Sat Apr 18 PA Pine Grove PDGA 100
Opens Feb 20, 8:00 PM Eastern
Mrdiscgolf presents the Pocono Open Sat Jun 13 PA White Haven PDGA 90
Opens May 7, 8:00 PM Eastern
MrDiscGolf presents Pyramids Invasion Sat Jul 25 MA Leicester PDGA 90
Opens Jun 4, 7:00 PM Eastern
Mrdiscgolf presents the Battle at the Beach Sat Aug 15 NJ Lakewood Township PDGA 90
Opens Jul 9, 8:00 PM Eastern
MrDiscGolf Amateur Championship Sun Oct 11 PA White Haven PDGA 76
Opens Sep 3, 7:00 PM Eastern


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