DGA presents The HB Clark Course Challange at Kereiakes Park

No Divisions 12 Players

Name PDGA # City State Country
Keelynn Arnold 19851 Bowling Green KY USA
Stan Balke 28703 Eugene MO USA
Matthew Doutt 89794 Murfreesboro TN USA
Josh Henderson 71638 Ringgold GA USA
Dylan Honeycutt 36596 Chattanooga TN USA
Nathan Lavender 91440 Bloomington Springs TN USA
Jamie Lepley 50692 Mechanicsburg PA USA
Matt Maddox 80061 Brentwood TN USA
James Martin 9130 Florence KY USA
Greg McAtee 39305 Florence AL USA
Paul Scarpato 92210 Warminster PA USA
Curtis Stimac 99374 Auburn Hills MI USA


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