Birdies and Beers Fall 2017

No Divisions 39 Players

Name PDGA # City State Country
Jason Ames Orange CA USA
Nikki Anschick Escondido CA USA
Derek Bisson El Cajon CA USA
Zachary Calderwood Spring valley CA USA
Anthony Carrozza 99195 San Diego CA USA
Jesus Castaneda San Diego CA USA
Daniel Clayson San Diego CA USA
Andrew Colson San Diego CA USA
Kim Cottrell 39470 Carlsbad CA USA
Jake Del Dosso 90262 San Diego CA USA
Raymond Deluz Poway CA USA
Will Donohoo San Diego CA USA
Hayley Dumont San Diego CA USA
Tim Fitzpatrick Lakeside CA USA
Danny Furtado Valley Center CA USA
Karly Haugh San diego CA USA
Cameron Hayes 90352 Lemon Grove CA USA
James Henderson 99420 San Diego CA USA
Henry Hess San Diego CA USA
Josh Jennings Lakeside CA USA
Tyler Lowe Pacific Beach CA USA
Josh Media USA
Tito Mendia 91184 San Diego CA USA
Terry Meyers Santee CA USA
Travis Meyers Santee CA USA
Tadas Mikuzis 65203 San Dago CA USA
B.J. Miller 90355 Lakeside CA USA
Jeremy Mulyck El Cajon CA USA
Carlo Pelg 16824 San Diego CA USA
Angel (HOTSHOT) Preciado Spring valley CA USA
Art Preciado USA
Hannah Price San Diego CA USA
Hunter Ramp San Diego CA USA
David Rodriguez 64368 San Diego CA USA
Manuel Schaar 92046 Chula Vista CA USA
Monica Shingara Poway CA USA
Chris Troie San Diego CA USA
Daniel Venable La mesa CA USA
Thomas Waddell Vista CA USA


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