Castle Hayne USDGC Doubles Qualifier

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Amateur Amateur $32.00 None 28 Closed

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Castle Hayne USDC Doubles qualifier, July 21st Sign in at 8:00AM, Tee at 9:00AM, One round 20 Holes, old hole #1 with island green and old hole #2 with mando will be played. BYOP Captain's Choice (Best Shot) Doubles. 

 The number of teams that can qualify for USDGC Doubles is based on the number of teams that participate in your event. The thresholds are as follows.

o  0-14 teams = 1 Team qualifies

o  15-24 teams = 2 Teams qualify

o  25+ teams = 3 Teams qualify

   All players must meet one of the following criteria in order to be eligible to compete in the USDGC Doubles Main event:

o  Player is not a PDGA member or does not have a player rating.

o  Player has PDGA Amateur class status - meaning the player plays in Amateur divisions for prizes instead of cash. If a player plays in a Pro division and accepts cash at any time, they become a Professional class member.  An Amateur class player has either never accepted cash, or if they have, they have later met the criteria to be reclassified from Professional back to Amateur with the PDGA.

·      A mixed group of pro and am class players is not allowed.

·      Players who qualify as a team must play together as a team in the main event. No substitutions.

·      All qualified players must register online by Sunday, September 8th. No exceptions.


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