Cabin In the Woods Fundraiser

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Code Division Price Limit Players Status
MPO Pro Open $37.00 None 0 Open
FPO Pro Open Women $37.00 None 0 Open
MA1 Advanced $37.00 None 0 Open
MA2 Intermediate $37.00 None 0 Open
MA3 Recreational $37.00 None 0 Open
FA1 Advanced Women $37.00 None 0 Open
FA2 Intermediate Women $37.00 None 0 Open
FA3 Recreational Women $37.00 None 0 Open

Event Details

Nikki and I have decided to do a fundraiser that helps homeless veterans. This event is going to be TWO rounds of singles at Bittersweet Ridge Disc Golf! We have already lined up the following sponsors: KDC Construction, Mad Monkey Media/ Affordable Exhibit Displays, Inc., and C.H. Robinson. And we are hoping to continue adding to this list!
We will be doing raffles again this year so don't forget to bring some extra cash. We will be offering hotdogs for $1 and burgers for $2 between rounds.
Entry fees are as follows:
$37 --->$7 to greens / $10 to payout / $20 to CITW


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