USDGC Putting League Night

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Code Division Price Limit Players Status
CUS1 Pro (playing in USDGC) $10.00 40 12 Closed
CUS2 Amateur (NOT playing in USDGC) $10.00 110 107 Closed

Event Details

USDGC Putting League Night is coming Monday, October 3rd! Why should you come out?

HUGE PAYOUT: You've got $1,000 in added cash. That's added on to the standard 30% deep payout. First place will get $450 added per team plus standard payout, 2nd will get $200+ and every team in the final 8 bracket will get at LEAST $50+. 

PROS: With that much cash and pride on the line, I've got a gut feeling some of you pros will show up. I can't guarantee which ones will show, or how many...I DO know we're saving 50 spots for y'all playing in the USDGC.

COMPLIMENTARY USDGC TICKET: Every entry fee will get you a day-pass spectator ticket to the USDGC happening this week courtesy of Innova Champion Discs. Besides watching the BEST tournament of the year, you can turn your ticket into the USDGC Pro Shop and you'll get a free USDGC stamped disc. You can't beat that.

Putting League Format and Changes: The format will be a little different to accommodate a large turnout. We'll play 6 rounds of matches - first one to 11 points wins.

We'll have a last chance qualifier to determine tie breaks, leaving us with the top 8 teams. The top 8 will then compete in a single elimination bracket to determine the top two teams. The final round will be played to 21.

Partner selection will be truly random draw. There will be no sorting of pros and amateurs for partners.

DUDE Clothing RV: The DUDE Clothing RV will be there with some of the freshest threads you've seen, designed just for disc golfers. 

HUGE Sponsor Thanks: Thanks a bazillion to our beloved hosts Sugar Creek Brewing and their ever expanding selection of award winning beers for adding $1000! And thanks to Innova Champion Discs for letting us borrow the baskets and for the USDGC tickets.


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