Battle at the Bon 2018

Waiting List Open:

Name PDGA From Division Date/Time Signed Up Status
Robyn Porter 81215 Dallas, TX FA1 17 January, 2018 8:46PM Est Registered
Joey Duckett Whitehouse, TX MPO 17 January, 2018 8:52PM Est Invited
Andrew Gutierrez 76109 Fort worth, TX MA1 17 January, 2018 9:56PM Est Registered
Kevin Keefer Sachse, MA1 18 January, 2018 2:14PM Est Waiting
Raul Albarez Plano, MP50 18 January, 2018 7:17PM Est Waiting
Andrew Helms Rockwall, TX MPO 18 January, 2018 7:49PM Est Waiting
Seth McCormick Terrell, TX MA2 18 January, 2018 7:57PM Est Waiting
Patrick Shafer plano, TX MA3 18 January, 2018 9:04PM Est Waiting
Wayne Cumberland Plano, TX MA50 20 January, 2018 3:05PM Est Waiting
Corey Crain seagoville tx, TX MA3 21 January, 2018 11:13AM Est Waiting
Nick Favara Arlington, TX MA2 22 January, 2018 10:23AM Est Waiting


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