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2013 1st Annual Murrieta Rattler Ace Race


Event Info

Location: Murrieta
Event Dates: Saturday 10/05
Type: : Sport Promotion
Director: Darren Bailey email
Phone: 951970-5348
Registered: 60
Available Spots: 40

Event Director Details

 Join the Murrieta Rattlers DGC and the City of Murrieta Parks and Rec on Saturday, October 5th for the 1st Annual Murrieta Ace Race!  Let's make this the first of many! Becuse the player packages are preordered please don't expect to be able to signup the on Ace Race Day and get a spot! Additional games and prizes TBA.

The Ace Race is a unique disc golf event, where all players use the same disc model to try to score aces. No putting (whew!), just tee shots.  You play 36 holes on a shortened layout, conducive to the goal of "the more aces, the merrier"!  That means 2 times around a very ace-able version of the Mountain Pride course.  The format is very flexible: you make up your own groups to play with and can throw your 36 holes whenever you want on tourney day, as long as you're done by 3:00pm (so we can add up scores and give out prizes).  And scoring is unique!: all you count are aces and "metal hits" (hitting any part of the basket or base, on the fly, skipping or rolling).  It's a great way to play your first tournament (or 200th).
Discraft sets the entry fee at $25.  Every Ace Race around the country (world?) is supposed to charge the same amount.  And what do you get for your $25? This year you will recieve The 2013 Ace Race player pack includes:
Two copies of the 2013 Ace Race prototype disc: It's a beginner-friendly distance driver... and it's in premium Titanium plastic!
One Titanium mini Magnet: you've never seen one before, since they've never been made before!
Two reusable scorecards/bag tags: We're also including a pencil with eraser with your Ace Race player package, so you can start using these cards right away.
Two high impact plastic pint glasses: very cool!
One beverage koozie: silver on black, jack.
One tri-panel Discraft sticker: three stickers in one.

All - No Divisions
Place Name From R 1 R 2 Total Payout
Grog . headhunters dgc  
Matt Alajoki Murrieta  
Darren Bailey Murrieta, CA  
Dan Barnes Murrieta, CA  
Eric Barraza Wildomar, CA  
blake bennett murrieta ca  
Joshua Bennett Temecula, Ca  
joey bergeron murrieta, ca  
Ryan Boggs Murrieta  
Jeff Cathers Murrieta, CA  
Justin Coleman Whittier, CA  
Drew Davis Roswell, Ga.  
Matt Dickinson Oside  
Hudson Elliott Kit Carson  
Laura Elliott Escondido  
Andrew Fouts Wildomar,CA  
Thomas Fouts Wildomar,CA  
Patrick Gallandt Wildomar  
Keith Guther Murrieta, CA  
M Hale 91773  
Johari James Norco, ca  
Keoni Kaupiko Murrieta,ca  
Kris Kiler 92591  
adam krueger sacramento ca  
Joshua Lahmann San Marcos, Ca  
Jim Lane Menifee, CA  
Amanda Lee Pasadena, CA  
Jonathon Lowry Temecula, CA  
Troy Maddox Pomona, Ca  
Rob Manriquez Corona, CA  
Mike Marrs Temecula, Ca  
Jonathan Matson Manhattan Beach, CA  
David Mayer Menifee, Ca  
Bob McGarity San Diego, CA  
Brandon McKinley Oceanside  
Hector Miranda I.B.  
Jasen "Spicy J Bags" Olson Murrieta, CA  
Jeremiah Phillips San Diego  
John Platt Encino CA  
Sydney Quatrini Westminster CA  
Bruce Quimby Wildomar  
Taylor Quimby Wildomar  
Mike Reber Alpine CA  
Martell Ritzberg Murrieta  
Robert Runnels San Diego  
Jezreel Scannell Escondido, CA  
James Sheppard I.B.  
Travis Tandy La Mirada, CA  
Travis Tandy La Mirada, CA  
Norman Thompson Temecula,Ca.  
Travis Thompson Temecula  
Joshua Tor2Ga 9@9  
Peter Villarreal San bernardino  
Dave Vincent Valhalla  
Greg Wesselman Temecula  
Damian Whitney Murrieta,ca  
Helen wilson headhunters dgc  
Stephen Witczak Menifee, CA  
jayson young sun city Ca  
jesse young san marcos  


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