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5th Annual San Marcos Ace Race


Event Info

Location: San Marcos
Event Dates: Saturday 10/13
Type: : Ace Race
Director: Mark Verocchi email
Phone: 7608227641
Website: http://discgolfacerace.com/
Registered: 150
Available Spots: 0

Event Director Details

Join the San Diego Aces Disc Golf Association on Saturday, October 13th for the 5th Annual San Marcos Ace Race!  Last year, 130 players gathered at Montiel Park in San Marcos to try out a new prototype putter (newly named the "Zeppelin"), chasing after those elusive holes-in-one ("aces").  This year, we want 200!!! Or more!!!!!!!!

The Ace Race is a unique disc golf event, where all players use the same disc model to try to score aces. No putting (whew!), just tee shots.  You play 36 holes on a shortened layout, conducive to the goal of "the more aces, the merrier"!  That means 4 times around a very special version of the Montiel course - we have some tricks up our sleeves this year...  The format is very flexible: you make up your own groups to play with and can throw your 36 holes whenever you want on tourney day, as long as you're done by 3:45pm (so we can add up scores and give out prizes).  And scoring is unique!: all you count are aces and "metal hits" (hitting any part of the basket, on the fly, skipping or rolling).  It's a great way to play your first tournament (or 200th).

Discraft sets the entry fee at $25.  Every Ace Race around the country (world?) is supposed to charge the same amount.  And what do you get for your $25?  A lot!  2 Z-plastic prototype discs (yet unnamed), a full-color mini Ultrastar, an aluminum water bottle, a pair of sunglasses and a Discraft sticker.  This year's disc is described as: "a long range driver, but it could be more accurately described as a hybrid driver...Faster than a Buzzz but slower than a Stalker, the disc offers players controlled fairway shots. At medium to fast speeds this disc will hold the line to finish with a slight hyzer."  The Grand Prize for the player with the most aces has not been announced yet, but last year it was a new golf bag filled with eight new Discraft golf discs.

We run the Ace Race as a fundraiser for EDGE (Educational Disc Golf Experience), a group that promotes disc golf in K-12 schools.  We raised $800 last year and hope to surpass tht this time around. Because this event is a fundraiser and not for profit, we ask all players to sign up in advance, so we can order your discs and schwag.  Don't expect to sign up on Ace Race Day!

This year, as in past years, we plan to have some extra optional completions. For $1, you can buy into the Ace Pot, which is paid out to all of the players who get aces. Buy more $1 shares to get a better payout.  We'll also have the ever-popular mini Ace Race, and a separate hole-in-one contest (2throws for $1) with the prize being a DGA Mach-II basket.

All - No Divisions
Place Name From R 1 R 2 Total Payout
Matt Alajoki Murrieta  
Joe Joe Amaya Vista, CA  
Lee Archuleta Bellflower, CA  
Martin Arcos Santa Ana, CA  
Michael Azarmi La Mesa, CA  
Darren Bailey Murrieta  
John Bailey Chula Vista  
Adam Barker San Diego, CA  
James Barnes la mesa  
Chris Beecher San Diego  
Lee Beecher Salida, CA  
Joshua Bennett Murrieta, ca  
Travis Benson San Marcos, CA  
Steven Bostrom escondido  
Scott Bowers San Marcos, CA  
Benjamin Boyer  
Nathan Boyer San Marcos, Ca.  
Rachel Boyer San Marcos, Ca.  
Steve Bruecker Escondido  
Steve Buck Escondido  
Tony Buck Escondido  
The Bull 9'Town  
Ray Butcher Alpine, CA  
Kurt Calligan Menifee  
Gabe Canales Anaheim  
Tabetha Canales Anaheim  
Kevin Christie Escondido, CA  
Brant Clabaugh Escondido, CA  
Tyler Coney La Mesa, CA  
Carl Copenhaver San Diego  
Michael Daglio san diego  
Colton Darby Temecula, CA  
Raymond Deluz Escondido, CA  
Shawn Deweerd San Diego  
Anthony Dipietro Escondido, CA  
Scott Downey Santee, CA  
Derek Doxzon 92026  
Derek Dreyer 91942  
Brandon Duncan 92071  
Rob Eames 9 @ 9  
Hudson Elliott Escondido, CA  
Kristina Enderle 91942  
Michael Espinoza Escondido, CA  
Moses Espinoza Chicago ILL  
Isaac Feldman San Diego, CA  
Joe Fernandez Imperial Beach, CA  
Andrew Fouts murrieta, ca  
Thomas Fouts murrieta, ca  
Jonathan Frank Escondido, CA  
Craig Franklin Oceanside, CA  
Amado Garcia  
Brent Geston Escondido, CA  
Garrett Geuss Carlsbad, CA  
Donald Githens San Diego, CA  
James Grant San Diego, CA  
William Grimm valley center, ca  
Steven Grubbs 92026  
Brandon Haavisto Murrieta, CA  
Joshua Hamilton Escondido, CA  
Christopher Hanna San Diego, CA  
Chris Harris San Diego  
Kyle Harrop Vista  
Ryan Hartley Escondido, CA  
Stephen Heaps Earth  
Joshua Hesser La Mesa, CA  
Taylor Hoagland Vista, CA  
Matt Howard El Cajon, CA  
Zach Humm San Diego  
Leo Hurtado Murrieta, CA  
Shaun James La Mesa, CA  
Anthony Jensen San Diego, CA  
Curtis Johnson San Diego, CA  
Edward Johnson San Marcos  
Greg Johnson 92010  
Phillip Johnson Chicago ILL  
Philip Johnson Jr Escondido  
Philip Jordan Escondido, CA  
Justin Judd San Diego, CA  
Ashlee Jurski San Diego, CA  
Jacob Kalmar San Marcos, CA  
Jeff Kane Capistrano Beach, CA  
Jim Lane Menifee, CA  
Mark Laube 91942  
Josh Lyman Escondido  
Jeremy Macedo San Diego, CA  
Daniel Markowitz San Diego, CA  
Justin Martinez San Diego, CA  
Nikole Masura valley center, ca  
Blair McDonough San Diego, CA  
Adam Meier Escondido, CA  
William Meier Escondido, CA  
Jesse Meyers San Diego, CA  
Alan Miles Oceanside  
Anthony Molek Escondido, CA  
Austin Murray San Diego, CA  
James Neidner Escondido, CA  
Chad Nichter Poway, CA  
Juan Olivas Chula Vista, CA  
Marcos Olivas Chula Vista, CA  
Donny Olow San Diego, CA  
David Patrick san diego, ca  
Mike Pearson Escondido, CA  
Jake Perkins San Diego  
Justin Petzer Camp Pendleton CA  
David Phillips Santa Ana, CA  
Narm Phomphakdy 92584  
Jonathan Phousirith San Diego  
Terry Phousirith San Diego  
Todd Prout Murrieta, CA  
Edward Quinones Vista, CA  
Brandon Reed SAN DIEGO  
Sean Reed Whittier, CA  
Eric Remmer clairemont san diego  
Allen Risley San Marcos, CA  
Josh Roberts Murrieta, CA  
Alec Robertson San Diego, CA  
Seth Rushin Escondido, CA  
Joe Sanger Valley Center, CA  
Tyler Saska San Diego, CA  
Jezreel Scannell Escondido  
Jim Scannell San Marcos, CA  
Terri Scannell San Marcos, CA  
Carl Sebern Fallbrook, CA  
Steven Shimmin escondido  
Daniel Shorkey Imperial Beach  
Dallas Snow sdsf  
Kade Stabenow Imperial Beach  
Jason Stalker ramona  
Shawn Stanley El Cajon, CA  
Glenn Swanson Jr san diego  
Glenn Swanson Sr san diego  
Brenz Tayag Oceanside, CA  
Josh Tays San Diego, CA  
Michael Tobin  
Jeffrey Topacio San Diego, CA  
Mike Tyberg Sunset Cliffs  
Derek Underwood Escondido  
Pam Vaughn La Mesa, CA  
Mark Verrochi Escondido, CA  
Don Vincent Vista, CA  
Tom Vincent Vista, CA  
Jason Weidmann Whittier, CA  
Matthew Weingel San Diego  
Greg Wesselman Temecula  
Troy White Escondido,CA  
Damian Whitney Murrieta, ca  
Chad Wilkinson san marcos  
Michael Wisniewski San Diego  
Jesse Young san marcos  
Benjamin Zoodsma Lowell, MI  


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