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4th Annual San Marcos Ace Race


Event Info

Location: San Marcos
Event Dates: Sunday 10/16
Type: : Ace Race
Director: Mark Verrochi email
Phone: 603-986-7314
Website: www.sandiegoaces.com
Flyer: Click here to download
Registered: 110
Available Spots: 0

Event Director Details

  • We're full, but getting creative.  If you want to play, contact Mark.  We have people who have agreed to let latecomers use one of their discs.  You will still pay $25, and you will get your player's pack about a week after the event.  These spots will also disappear, so contact Mark ASAP!!!!!!
  • 36 Holes - tee shots only
  • Play runs from 10am-4pm.  You can play at any time - make up your own groups.  You only need to be finished by 4pm.
  • Player's pack includes two prototype Discraft discs (this year it's a large-diameter putter), a "weekender" bag, mini-marker disc and a Discraft sticker.
  • We'll also have mini-disc golf, an ace pot and possibly doubles afterward.

All - No Divisions
Place Name From R 1 R 2 Total Payout
Gavin ?  
Anthony Adame  
Nick Alvarado  
Chris Armacost  
Darren Bailey Murrieta, CA  
John Bailey Chula Vista, CA  
Collin Baily Eau Claire, WI  
Kyle Becker  
Daniel Begley Escondido, CA  
Ben Belangue  
Aj Benavidez San Diego, CA  
Jordan Boudreau San Diego, CA  
Benjamin Boyer  
Rachel Boyer San Marcos, CA  
Mike Brinkley Oceanside, CA  
Duane Buck Escondido, CA  
Gabriel Canales Anaheim, CA  
Tabetha Canales San Marcos, CA  
Alex Chatfield San Diego, CA  
Kevin Christie Escondido, CA  
Dave Clapp El Cajon, CA  
Jim Cook Ridgecrest, CA  
Kile Dorman Encinitas, CA  
Derek Doxzon Escondido, CA  
Robert Eames  
Jason Fitzgerald El Cajon, CA  
Jonathan Frank San Diego, CA  
Kevin Glass  
Joel Greenfield  
William Grimm Escondido, CA  
Onofre Guerrero Escondido, CA  
Anderson Haigler Escondido, CA  
Archer Haigler Escondido, CA  
Kyle Harrop Vista, CA  
Donald Heath Escondido, CA  
Eric Heft  
Anthony Jensen San Diego, CA  
Curtis Johnson San Diego, CA  
Edward Johnson  
Philip Jordan Escondido, CA  
Jacob Kalmar San Marcos, CA  
Josh Kelly  
Mike Kvasnicka San Diego, CA  
Stephen Larson San Diego, CA  
Alex Lawn  
Scott Lawn  
David Llanos  
Ross Ludlow Lakeside, CA  
Shawn Ludlow Lakeside, CA  
Joshua Lyman  
Jeremy Macedo San Diego, CA  
Nikole Masura Valley Center, CA  
Jack Mawer Escondido, CA  
Matthew McDowell Chandler, AZ  
Gavin McKee  
Rory McKee Aliso Viejo, CA  
Wuillian Medrano  
Ryan Meyer Escondido, CA  
Jesse Meyers San Diego, CA  
Alan Miles Oceanside, CA  
Parker Milhous Aliso Viejo, CA  
Joe Millea Carlsbad, CA  
Andrew Mills  
Paul Morgavo  
Thomas Mose Escondido, CA  
Adam Nash San Diego, CA  
Xaelen Nash San Diego, CA  
Ryan Nelson  
Chad Nichter San Diego, CA  
Juan Olivas Spring Valley, CA  
Marcos Olivas Chula Vista, CA  
Donny Olow San Diego, CA  
Jeremiah Palmerston San Diego, CA  
Patrick Paramore  
Jesse Parker  
Jaime Paucar  
Mike Pearson Escondido, CA  
Austin Pierce Encinitas, CA  
David Pohl  
Nick Polinsky  
Dean Porter Carlsbad, CA  
Eric Raszewski Camp Pendleton, CA  
Don Renfro  
A.j. Risley San Marcos, CA  
Allen Risley San Marcos, CA  
Christopher Romano San Diego, CA  
Keagan Sheets  
Shaun Sheffield  
Steven Shimmin Escondido, CA  
Dan Shorkey  
Brett Sloan  
Dallas Snow San Marcos, CA  
Dustin Speck Encinitas, CA  
Shawn Stanley El Cajon, CA  
Glenn Swanson San Diego, CA  
Glenn Swanson Jr. San Diego, CA  
Andrew Tate  
Jim Thacker! Poway, CA  
Travis Thomas 92020  
Jeffrey Topacio San Diego, CA  
Mario Traba National City, CA  
Jack Trimm  
Scott Tullius  
Garrett Ulrrich San Diego, CA  
Mark Verrochi Escondido, CA  
Tom Vincent Vista, CA  
Steve Wheeler San Diego, CA  
Aaron White San Marcos, CA  
Jake Wiltpenn  
James Wooten Escondido, CA  


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