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San Diego Aces rotating monthly (Sycuan)


Event Info

Location: El Cajon
Event Dates: Sunday 6/29
Type: : Monthly
Director: Jason Perdue email
Phone: 850-509-7173
Registered: 4
Available Spots: 46

Event Director Details

This is a rotating monthly sponsored by the San Diego Aces! It will be held at Sycuan on 6/29 with a players meeting at 8:15. Please remember, you must purchase a play band at the front hotel lobby or else you will not be allowed to play. Also no glass bottles on the course. Remember, all divisions pay cash! +$5 for day of sign up. +5 for non-Aces members. See everyone there!

MPO - Open
Place Name From R 1 R 2 Total Payout


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