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Event Info

Location: Gorham
Event Dates: Friday 7/25 - Sunday 7/27
Type: : MPT
Director: Jim Tufts email
Registered: 49
Available Spots: 41

Event Director Details

3 Rounds (2 saturday, 1 Sunday) with pickup $5/head doubles on Friday. Camping encouraged and included. Lunch TBA (Probably another piggy) FIREWORKS! Tourney starts at 10am with players meeting at 9:30am on Saturday. You MUST check in BOTH DAYS to play! More to come...

MPO - Open
Place Name From R 1 R 2 R 3 Total Payout
Adam Asselin West Poland, ME  
Rooney Bianco Maloney's Ice Shack  
Caleb Biggers Biddeford  
Mitch Blodget Canada  
Nick Blouin TEAMMAINE  
James Bouffard-pease THE POOL  
Ryan Bourque 04240  
Jason Dore saco  
Bennifer Dunlap Hole 4  
Yacob Flowbie gingerville  
Fluffy Fluffy penis  
Mike Fyfe Sunsation LLC  
David Gipson Petri Dish  
Tyler Grady  
Branden Johnston Da Lake  
Bryan Jordan 04061  
Chris Leclair bear country  
Dan Malogna I love sheep  
Kieran Nichols Bath, ME  
Darby O Milky Way  
Scott Poland Warsaw  
Joe Roy Pilgrims  
Billy Schreiber windhammaine  
Jon Sellers S. Portland, ME  
Monty The Man House of Hard Knocks  
Dave Thibeault Da Gravel Pit  
Jason Toothy OMG  
Jim Tufts Thailand  


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