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2014 Charlotte Club Membership


Event Info

Location: Charlotte
Event Dates: Saturday 11/01 - Wednesday 12/31
Type: : Membership
Director: Paul Bergey email
Phone: 7046585063
Website: charlottedgc.com
Flyer: Click here to download
Registered: 214
Available Spots: 9785

Event Director Details


Great courses for you to play! Your support goes directly to course improvements. 

Event discounts. $1 reduced entry fees for Club Singles Championship Series and Club Doubles Events.  There are over 25 Club Singles events and 20 Club Doubles events scheduled in 2014.

Merchandise Special Orders.  We can pick up Innova Merchandise on a weekly basis. Choose specific colors and weights for your discs!

Get PDGA Rated Rounds AND earn points toward an invitation to the CDGC Club Singles Championship in the weekly Club Championship Series.

Numbered Bag Tags for fun & informal year round competition and camaraderie.

You get your lost discs back since your name will now be in circulation with a lot of upstanding folks!

Good karma on the courses – guaranteed!

CUS1 - 2014 Membership
Place Name From R 1 Total Payout
Alan Allred Charlotte  
Justin Allred Charlotte, NC  
Anthony Anselmo Kings Mountain, NC  
Giancarlo Anselmo Kings mountain, nc  
Joseph Arrington 28214  
Chris Augsburger Charlotte  
Justin Bambury Charlotte  
Jim Banbury CDGC Board  
Daniel Bartlett 28204-4372  
Mark Beasley Charlotte  
Genevieve Belanger Concord,NC  
Stephen Bellaire Charlotte  
Jeremy Benitz Charlotte  
Paul Bergey Innova  
Mitchell Blair Charlotte  
john blaze charlotte, nc  
Jonathan Bledsoe Charlotte, NC  
Devon Bock Charlotte, NC  
Kevin Boudreau Charlotte  
Pat Bowles Bradford Park  
Michael Boyce Charlotte  
Dickie Brewer Clover, SC  
Kevin Burgess CDGC Board  
Jd Canterbury Charlotte  
Frank Castaneira Charlotte  
Ricky Chapman 29715  
Jonathan Charping Charlotte  
Matt Cheney Charlotte  
Henry Childres CDGC Board / Innova  
Mike Chmura CDGC Board  
Travis Chumley Charlotte  
Tim Clark Charlotte  
Al Cortes Charlotte  
Grant Covington Charlotte  
Jordan Cox Ventura, Ca  
Bird Craven The Bluff  
Paul Czap Charlotte  
Kevin Daniels Charlotte  
Justin Deese Charlotte  
Craig Dennis Charlotte  
Charles Dierking Matthews,NC  
Alex Dixon Charlotte  
Jason Dockery Charlotte, NC  
Miguel Dominguez Charlotte  
Kevin Dubois Charlotte  
Jon Dunn Charlotte  
Austin Eblen Charlotte  
Jorge Espinosa Miami  
Will Ethridge Charlotte  
Andrew Feliciano West Coast  
Mike Fifield Charlotte  
Austin Fisher Mooresville  
Justin Flescher Charlotte  
Dan Foy Charlotte  
Lucas Freeman Charlotte  
Aaron Fruendt Charlotte, NC  
Anthony Gale Oxford Acres  
Robert Galimi Charlotte  
Justin Gallup Portsmouth,VA  
Tim Geary Charlotte  
David Gebhardt Concord NC  
Peter Genhardt Charlotte  
Jeramy Gibby Charlotte  
Ben Gibson Charlotte  
Bernie Goetz Matthews  
Andrew Goh Charlotte  
Daniel Graham Charlotte  
Paul E. Gray Charlotte  
Cj Greenwell  
Mike Greer Charlotte  
Carl Guincho Tampa, Fl  
Brian Hadella Charlotte, NC  
Geoffrey Haigler Charlotte  
Todd Hardesty Charlotte  
Justin Harris Charlotte  
Bo Heidel Charlotte  
Derek Helms  
Jason Hennard Charlotte  
Glenn Herrington Charlotte  
Mike Hess Charlotte, NC  
Clarence Hill Charlotte  
Dmitri Hill Charlotte  
Marcus Hill Charlotte  
Bryan Hoffman Charlotte  
Drew Hoffman Charlotte  
Max Hoffman Charlotte  
Kyle Hogan Charlotte  
James Holladay Charlotte, NC  
Daniel Honeycutt Charlotte  
John Hornberger Waxhaw  
Howie Howard Charlotte  
Joe Irby Charlotte  
Anthony Izquierdo Charlotte  
Jeff Jackson Charlotte, NC  
Bill Jacobson Charlotte  
Sean Jacobson Charlotte  
Chad Jeffery Charlotte  
Jason Johnson Charlotte  
Damon Jones Charlotte, NC  
Tom Keagy Mt Pleasant, SC  
Rob Kelly Charlotte  
Nathan Kennedy Fort Mill  
Ryan Kenney Charlotte  
Taylor Kenney Concord, NC  
Michael Knepp Charlotte, NC  
Jeremy Koling Charlotte  
Tom Kunneke Daegu, Korea  
Casey Kyle Charlotte  
Robby Kyle Charlotte  
Matthew Labianca Charlotte  
Chad Lagana Crowntown  
Steve Lambert Charlotte  
Adam Lawlor Charlotte  
Mitch Licare Charlotte  
Nick Licare Charlotte  
Jordan Linger Charlotte  
Brady Long Charlotte  
Mark Manchette Cherlotte  
John Matson Charlotte  
Robert McAlpine Charlotte  
Justin McCorkle Charlotte, NC  
Chaz McCue Charlotte  
Diane McDaniel Charlotte  
Andrew McElmurray Charlotte  
Alan McGrath Charlotte, NC  
Paul McSwain Charlotte, NC  
David Monteith Charlotte  
Derek Monteverdi Charlotte  
Adam Moore Charlotte, NC  
Nathan Mullett fort mill, sc  
Kyle Neff Charlotte  
Brian Nelson Charlotte, NC  
Kevin Nelson Charlotte  
Aric Nichols Chain Addicted  
Mario Ortiz Charlotte  
The Ox  
Jeff Oxendine Charlotte  
Donny Paris Charlotte  
Seth Paye Charlotte  
Kenny Peace Concord, NC  
Matt Peckham Charlotte  
Scott Peerbolte Huntersville, NC  
Chris Pepperling Arlington,TX  
Marty Peterson CLT  
Matt Petit 28205  
Byron Pike Charlotte  
Phillip Platoni Charlotte  
Andrew Quigg Concord,NC  
Brad Ramsey Charlotte  
Paul Rankin Charlotte  
Christopher Rayment  
Brandon Reed Charlotte  
John Rendleman Fort Mill, SC  
Christian Reyes Charlotte  
Eric Richards 28211  
Marley Riley Charlotte  
Jon Rochester Charlotte  
Frank Rodriguez Charlotte  
Aj Rotella Charlotte  
Kyle Schloss Charlotte  
Casey Schoonover Charlotte  
Stephen Schroeder Charlotte, NC  
Brad Scott Charlotte  
Christian Scott Charlotte  
Debbie Scott Charlotte, NC  
Victoria Scott Charlotte  
Andrew Seeley Charlotte  
Jim Senior CLT  
Mark Shackleford Charlotte  
Schleppy Shelinsky Bradford Park DGC  
Wesley Shell Charlotte  
Dinah Singleton Charlotte  
Doug Singleton Charlotte  
Duffy Smith Alpine Ski Center  
Evan Smith Charlotte  
Scott Smith Charlotte  
Sean Smith Charlotte  
Stephen Smith Charlotte  
Mike Sovinski Charlotte  
Bill Stedem Charlotte  
Eric Stermon Charlotte  
Rick Stevens Charlotte  
"The Tank" Charlotte  
Brad Temples Charlotte  
christopher thompson charlotte,NC  
William Tierney Iv Charlotte  
Alex Torres Charlotte  
Sean Tracy Charlotte  
Dave Triscari Charlotte  
Austin Turner Charlotte  
Chris Uhl Charlotte  
Tom Usselman Charlotte  
Tim Vanblon Charlotte  
Ralph Vickers Charlotte  
Drew Ward Matthews, NC  
Greg Watson Charlotte  
Andy White 28115  
David White Charlotte  
Andy Wiler Charlotte  
Alexander Williamson Mint Hill, NC  
Jay Wilson Charlotte  
Peter Yarborough Charlotte  
Dennis Young Charlotte  
Joe Young Charlotte  
Brian Zesch  


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