The City of Denison Presents: The Red River Amateur Championship

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I hereby hold blameless and fully release Disc Golf United (DGU), the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA), the tournament directors, Bluegrass Disc Golf, The City of Denison TX, local and state park services, and all tournament partners/sponsors and individuals or parties associated with the Red River Amateur Championship from all liability of personal damage or injury which I may incur before, during or after my participation in this event. I accept full and sole responsibility for any damage I may cause through negligence and/or malice, including damages or injuries caused by my own throws in practice or competition. I also recognize that the PDGA, event staff, and any other media outlets covering the event have the right and responsibility to record the event and participants via video and still photography. Such photography may be used for event publicity, public information or any other promotional use that falls within PDGA or event activities.


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