2017 CADL Club Membership

CADL Membership 53 Players

Name PDGA # City State Country
Nicole Adden 79447 Apex NC USA
Nathan Babcock 77785 Raleigh NC USA
Josh Balsly Apex NC USA
Zachary Blaine 43807 Holly Springs NC USA
Jeb Bryant 24658 Raleigh NC USA
Rob Cranfill 77772 Apex NC USA
Kenneth Davis 87441 Holly Springs NC USA
Stuart Eaves 74685 Cary NC USA
Alec Falzone 57550 Cary NC USA
Phil Faucette USA
Ben Finholt 86487 Durham NC USA
Joe Forrest 90231 Raleigh NC USA
Kyle Fowlkes 91026 Holly Springs NC USA
Jason Gelband 36948 Raleigh NC USA
Keith Gibbs 45176 Knightdale NC USA
Eric Guess Cary NC USA
Tyler Hamilton Lillington NC USA
Walter Haney 6001 Rolesville NC USA
Sam Hassell 98525 Raleigh NC USA
Benjamin Hopwood 60866 Myrtle Beach SC USA
David Hudspeth Holly Springs NC USA
Mike Inscho 42196 Holly Springs NC USA
Lindsey Ivey 53859 Durham NC USA
Elaine King 3090 Durham NC USA
Robert Leonard 21676 Raleigh NC USA
DelRay Livramento 70640 Durham NC USA
Kenny Lukasewicz 77259 Apex NC USA
David Mathes 66565 Apex NC USA
Paul May Youngsville NC USA
Hannable McGarity 90754 Lillington NC USA
Andrew Meyer Holly springs NC USA
Phil Moore Raleigh NC USA
Brian Needham 40012 Raleigh NC USA
Jeremiah Newport 87050 Cary OH USA
Ken Olson 57786 Cary NC USA
John Piepszak 58202 Durham NC USA
Sean Rivers Morrisville NC USA
James Roberts 82221 Raleigh NC USA
Taylor Schiess Clayton NC USA
Alissa Schleich 76415 Cary NC USA
John Schleich 76414 Cary NC USA
Derek Schreiner 95876 Raleigh NC USA
Joseph Sink 10689 Cary NC USA
Nash Stallings 54856 Raleigh NC USA
Tony Tomasino 1576 Raleigh NC USA
Joshua Tomlinson 76426 Raleigh NC USA
Eric Vandenberg 3089 Durham NC USA
Philippe Vilmorin 17287 Burlington MA USA
Alex Weathersby 88183 Cary NC USA
David Williams 91174 Rocky Mount NC USA
Cameron Worsham 91687 Raleigh NC USA
Kirk Yoo 6161 NCC-1701 NC USA
Heather Zimmerman 49353 Apex NC USA

CADL Membership/West Cary Hole Sponsor 6 Players

Name PDGA # City State Country
Brad Allison 31191 Durham NC USA
Erik Dilts 45566 Cary NC USA
Michael Kirsch 50156 Raleigh NC USA
Tim And Kris Moore Cary USA
Jay Pontier 26000 Cary NC USA
Aaron Rothrock 45117 Cary NC USA


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