Upstate Double Up - Am Division (USDGC Doubles Qualifier)

Amateur 30 Teams

Team Name PDGA # City State Country
Ask Us About Our Optimizer - Anselmo, Quigg Kings Mountain NC USA
Couple Guys With Disc - Atkins, Grant Liberty SC USA
G & Me - Barker, Patton Greenville SC USA
James And The Giant JoBo - Borelli, Elkins Clarks Hill SC USA
Game Of Throws - Clark, Perry Easley SC USA
Divided By 27 - Cunningham, Cunningham Westminster SC USA
Milksucks - Davis, Riley Greenville SC USA
Kristina's Bitches - Edwards, Power Greenville SC USA
The McCrushers - Fleeman, Durham Central SC USA
Spinjitzu Masters - Ford, Ford Greenville SC USA
Chain Manglers - Gadbury, Mcmillan Easley SC USA
Mac And Chains - Goode, Hodges Shelby NC USA
Two Old Crackers - Jasper, Power Greenville SC USA
Disc Golf Drama Police - Jones, Osbourn Greenville SC USA
Spike Hyzer Crew - Knepp, Douglass Charlotte NC USA
Daniel's Fathers - Marthers, Boiter Williameer SC USA
Dark City - Melin, Stewart Black Mountain NC USA
Anhyzer Busch - Morris, Greene Simpsonville SC USA
Flight Of The Valkyries - Overstreet, Overstreet Anderson SC USA
Can Of Whoop Ace - Parrish, Wambeke Anderson SC USA
Carolina Boys - Patterson, Stewart Anderson SC USA
EMCC - Santos, Skinner Woodruff SC USA
Throw-n-Hope - Schwalbe, Fulton Simpsonville SC USA
Clemson Crushers - Sharp, Roberts Greenville SC USA
Roc Steady - Stewart, Hayes Conway SC USA
Rickety Crickets - Stiles, Danner Columbia SC USA
Wall E And The Angry Beaver - Walters, Aquilone charlotte NC USA
Putt Buddies - Wert, Hayner Rock hill SC USA
Bros Before Throws - Young, Malyerck Irmo SC USA


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