The Melee

Pro: Upstate Club Member 6 Players

Name PDGA # City State Country
Aaron Cunningham 31658 Greenville SC USA
Rene Granados 14835 Greer SC USA
Joseph Ivey Greenville SC USA
Todd Lion 35916 Greenville SC USA
Matthew Parrish 80214 Anderson SC USA
John Stowe 71604 Anderson SC USA

Pro: Non-Club Member 1 Players

Name PDGA # City State Country
Zack Rogers 19818 Easley SC USA

Am: Upstate Club Member 9 Players

Name PDGA # City State Country
Robert Bruce Greenville SC USA
Jim Cunningham 46302 Westminster SC USA
Trent Edwards 86103 Greenville SC USA
Ralph L. Jasper 78866 Duncan SC USA
Chase Jones Greenville SC USA
Timothy McPherson 89946 Easley SC USA
Tony Miller 73017 Belton SC USA
Donald Thomas Greenville SC USA
Tal Wambeke 80428 Greenville SC USA

Am: Non-Club Member 12 Players

Name PDGA # City State Country
Lindsey Blackwell Lexington SC USA
Tim Blackwell Lexington SC USA
Hugh Carson Greenville SC USA
Wes Davis Taylors SC USA
Jake Fernander Greenville SC USA
Jim Ford Greenville USA
Gordon Gregory West Columbia SC USA
Grant Gregory Greer SC USA
Matthew Holmes 93856 Anderson SC USA
Ted Riley Greenville SC USA
David Sauls 12120 Newberry SC USA
Andrew Turner greenville SC USA


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