Nightmare on Pine Lake

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Code Division Price Limit Players Status
CUS1 Open $30.00 None 0 Closed
CUS2 Advanced $25.00 None 1 Closed
CUS3 Intermediate $20.00 None 1 Closed
CUS4 Recreational $15.00 None 2 Closed

Event Details

October 4th - Glow Event; October 5th - Day Event

Group Site Camping (Tents Only) Included with Pre-Registration for the night of Friday, October 4th.

GLOW ROUND: Must use glow discs, NO Flashlights Permitted During Play. You (or someone on your card) must have a black light or UV light for lighting the discs only. Glow tape will be allowed, LED lights taped to discs are not permitted.

Recreational & Intermediate: Reds to Shorts, Original 12 (1-5, 8-14)
Advanced & Open: Reds to Longs, Original 12 (1-5, 8-14)

MORNING ROUND: Format to be determined.

Free Nightmare on Pine Lake shirt included with Registration if you register by Sunday, September 15th, 2013. After this date, we cannot guarantee you will get a shirt. Please indicate shirt size when registering.

***Pre-Event Friday Night to be determined. May include Halloween party, pumpkin carving contest (also used to light the tees) and other shenanigans. All to be determined at a later date.


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