DGA presents The Hobson Grove Challange

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Code Division Price Limit Players Status
All No Divisions $10.00 None 16 Closed

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Performance Based Tournament:
Your score is based on how much above or below your expected score
994 - 1005 rating performance score = 47
993 - 982 = 48
981 - 970 = 49
969 - 958 = 50
957 - 946 = 51
49 or below = 60
Play anytime Wednesday 9-4 or Thursday 9-4
You must have a PDGA rating to win!
You may enter as many times as you wish!
Play with your buddies or we will put you in a group when you show up.
Must complete round by 5pm.
Awards and final standings posted at Bluegrass Disc Golf flymart booth Friday night.
$10 entry fee
New release custom stamped DGA Breaker is the players' package!
First Place: Mach 2 Portable basket with custom blades!
Second Place: Mach Lite Basket
Third Place: Mini basket


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