Goat Hill January Jamboree

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Code Division Price Limit Players Status
MPO Open $25.00 None 7 Closed
MA1 Advanced $20.00 None 3 Closed
MA2 Intermediate $15.00 None 6 Closed
Women Women $15.00 None 0 Closed

Event Details

Check-in and start times:
Ladies and Men's Intermediate - Check-in at 9am, tee off at 9:30am
Men's Advanced - Check-in at 9:30 am, tee off at 10am
Men's Open - Check-in at 10am, tee off at 10:30am
$5 additional fee for in-person registration.
If there are 30+ players pre-registered on Sat., Jan. 26th, Goat Hill charges $2 for the greens fee - more $$ to the payout!

Monthly tournaments return to Goat Hill!!  This will be a one round event, with a 4 to 9 hole final (depending on sunlight) for the top 4 players in the Men's divisions.  The entry fee has been kept low, but you can beef up the prize payout by buying in to the optional prize pool for $5. Only players who buy in will get the extra prize money!!  Payout will be to the top 3 in each division OR the top 1/3 - whichever is smaller. Examples: 3 players - pay 1, 6 players - pay 2, 9 players - pay 3, 12 players - pay 3.  Men's Open is paid cash, other divisions are paid in scrip.


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