Dynamic Discs Presents: The Vintage Open - Pro Side

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Code Division Price Limit Players Status
MPO Pro Open $100.00 None 18 Open
MP40 Pro Master 40+ $100.00 None 1 Open
MP50 Pro Master 50+ $100.00 None 1 Open
MP55 Pro Master 55+ $100.00 None 1 Open
MP60 Pro Master 60+ $100.00 None 1 Open
MP65 Pro Master 65+ $100.00 None 0 Open
MP70 Pro Master 70+ $100.00 None 0 Open
FPO Pro Open Women $100.00 None 1 Open
FP40 Pro Master Women 40+ $100.00 None 0 Open
FP50 Pro Master Women 50+ $100.00 None 0 Open
FP55 Pro Master Women 55+ $100.00 None 0 Open
FP60 Pro Master Women 60+ $100.00 None 0 Open

Event Details

*Be sure and check out our website www.vintagedg.com for all the details of Vintage Open Weekend 2018! (link also just to the left)*

We are thrilled to be hosting Russellville’s first A-tier tournament, and look forward to pro players experiencing disc golf in this beautiful city here in the River Valley.

Pro pool will be using tee times, playing one round each of the three days (Friday-Sunday) each round beginning at 8:00 AM.  Schedule is as follows:

Friday:  Twin Oaks DGC

Saturday:  Old Post DGC (Gold Layout)

Sunday:  Twin Oaks DGC

Check in for Pros will be Thursday April 12th from 4:00 - 10:00 PM at tournament central downtown.  Players MUST check in during this time.  Also, for any pro that has reserved a booth for the EXPO on Friday they will be able to set up on Thursday during this time as well.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at vintagediscgolf@gmail.com.  Thank you!


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