A Match Made in Hell @ The Gates of Hell DGC

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Code Division Price Limit Players Status
CUS1 SATURDAY Advanced/Intermediate $30.00 27 21 Closed
CUS2 SUNDAY Rec/Novice and Women (under 900 rated) $30.00 27 21 Closed
Waiting List $5.00 0 Closed

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The owners of The Gates of Hell Disc Golf Course invite you to A Match Made in Hell - Match Play Event. Here are the details about the event:

1. This is the third year using a custom form of match play where you earn points on each hole for each person you beat (three or four people on each hole). Players with the most points will advance in this double elimination tournament. Click on the website button to see a picture of the bracket.

2. Top three finishers each day will receive free entries into the 2018 Daniel Boe Memorial assuming we get a minimum of 18 people each day (this does not include PDGA membership or SoCal or Aces memberships/fees). If not, we will award as many places as possible. Mini baskets will also be awarded to the winner and the winner of the losers bracket.

3. Your $30 entry fee will include free lunch and a disc (TBD).

4. If you know anyone that wants to be a spotter or volunteer, we have need for a couple people.

5. Drinking is permitted on the course, but we ask that you either have a designated driver or you camp overnight after the event. Cigarette smoking is limited to at the practice basket only.

6. Space is limited to 27 players each day.

7. We will have water and Gatorade available in large coolers. Please bring a water bottle to refill throughout the day. The coolers will be located adjacent to Holes 1 and 6 for easy access.

8. Please carpool from Kit Carson Park (or elsewhere) if possible. Directions will be emailed to the field prior to the event (or can be found on The Gates of Hell Facebook page). GPS will not get you to the course so print and use the directions.

9. An ace pot is available for $2 per person each day. If no one hits the ace pot each day, it will be donated to the 2018 Daniel Boe Memorial. If more than one person hit the ace pot each day, it will be split based on the number of aces hit.

10. Check in will be from 7:00 AM to 7:30 AM each day. We will have players meeting at 7:45 AM and start immediately after that. Do not be late.

Thank you.

If you have any questions, Mark can be reached at 603-986-7314 or mtv@alum.wpi.edu.

Fine print: If you struggle with any heart conditions or have trouble climbing up/down hills or rough terrain, this event is not for you. If you do not like the heat (as it can be hot here) or playing in high winds (which are definitely possible), then perhaps you should sit this one out. If you are scared to death of snakes, spiders, tarantulas, lizards, bees, coyotes, birds, rocks, or any other wildlife (as we have all of these and more) then you should probably stay away from this course.


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