2017 Floral Park No Fooling Fling Presented by Innova Champion Discs

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Code Division Price Limit Players Status
MA1 Advanced $35.00 None 13 Closed
MA2 Intermediate $35.00 None 17 Closed
MA3 Recreational $35.00 None 22 Closed
MA4 Novice $35.00 None 7 Closed
MM1 Advanced Master (40+) $35.00 None 6 Closed
MG1 Advanced Grandmaster (50+) $35.00 None 11 Closed
MS1 Advanced Sr. Grandmaster (60+) $35.00 None 3 Closed
ML1 Advanced Legend (70+) $35.00 None 0 Closed
FA1 Advanced - Women $35.00 None 0 Closed
FA2 Intermediate - Women $35.00 None 4 Closed
FA3 Recreational - Women $35.00 None 4 Closed
FA4 Novice - Women $35.00 None 0 Closed
FM1 Advanced Master (40+) - Women $35.00 None 0 Closed
FG1 Advanced Grandmaster (50+) - Women $35.00 None 0 Closed
FS1 Advanced Senior Grandmaster (60+) - Women $35.00 None 2 Closed
Youth Youth $35.00 None 2 Closed
Waiting List $7.00 0 Open

Event Details

2017 Floral Park No Fooling Fling Presented by Innova Champion Discs

Bring your A game to the beautiful Floral Park on April 1st, there just might be some gold in it for you if you win. This is going to be an 80 player trophy only amateur event with an awesome $50 player pack for only a $35 entry fee with only the top performers walking away with the trophies. Every registered player will receive an Innova pre-packaged player pack which includes a cotton tee, mesh hat, premium plastic disc, mini marker, sticker and pencil. Don't worry though, molds and colors will vary so trade with your fellow flingers to get just what you want and need. $5 buy in to take part in some cash ctps and $5 ace fund will be available as well.

What: 2 rounds of 20 holes each - Trophy only                           When: April 1st, 2017

Divisions: Men and Women Advanced, Intermediate, Recreational, Novice, and Advanced Masters, Grand Masters, Senior Grand Masters and Legends

Cost: $35 to all divisions which includes the $2 PDGA fee ($10 extra to non-PDGA members)

Tournament Information

Friday 3/31/17: Early check-in and player pack pick-up from 3:00 pm - 7:30 pm at Floral Park 9530 S. Parkside Ave, Floral City, FL 34436. Random doubles sign-up will be at 3:00 pm with a 3:30 pm tee time. Cost is $10 per person and all money to be awarded.

Saturday 4/1/17: Check-in starts at 7:30 am, player meeting at 8:45 am and 1st round tee off at 9:30 am. 2nd round to start no sooner than 1 hour after last card turned in. Trophies to be awarded as soon as 2nd round is scored, tabulated and double checked.

Lunch is not provided. Bring a lunch or try one of our local restaurants a short drive away. We will try to have menus available for everyone to look at Saturday morning.

Online sign-ups at www.discgolfunited.com or at the Nature Coast Disc Golf Club Sunday Handicap. Make checks payable to Nature Coast Disc Golf Club

Tournament Director: Jerry Wolfe (352) 464-4751 email: jlw1677@gmail.com

Assistant Director: Justin Shade (352) 634-0344

Tee Assignments
             Legends        Red / Red                     
Sr. Grandmasters        Blue / Red       
     Grandmasters        Blue / Red       
             Masters         Blue / Blue     
          Advanced         Blue / Blue    
      Intermediate          Blue / Red   
      Recreational          Red / Red     
              Novice          Red / Red    
             Legends          ---------                      
Sr. Grandmasters        Red / Red
     Grandmasters        Red / Red
             Masters         Blue / Red
          Advanced         Blue / Blue
      Intermediate          Blue / Red
      Recreational          Red / Red
              Novice          Red / Red


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