2017 Charlotte Disc Golf Club Membership

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Code Division Price Limit Players Status
CUS1 Par membership (pick-up) $20.00 None 19 Open
CUS2 Birdie membership (pick up) $25.00 None 149 Open
CUS3 Eagle membership (pick up) $40.00 None 73 Open
CUS4 Par membership (ship $3) $23.00 None 5 Open
CUS5 Birdie membership (ship $3) $28.00 None 35 Open
CUS6 Eagle membership (ship $3) $43.00 None 67 Open
CUS7 Lifetime Ace membership $250.00 None 27 Open

Event Details

2017 Membership Levels

$20  - Par member: Bag tag, insurance coverage at Club events, discounts on league entry fees, sponsor-provided items including Innova towel and mini from Play It Again Sports, official CDGC membership sponsor. ($23 if shipped.)

$25 - Birdie member: Par items plus choice of CFR collectible CDGC Shimmer Destroyer or KC Pro Color Glow Roc. ($28 if shipped.)

$40 - Eagle member: Par and Birdie items plus CDGC polo shirt -- mens/womens sizes. ($43 if shipped.)

$250 - Lifetime Ace member: Eagle-level items each year.

$10 - Child member (12 and under): Par-level items, including bag tag. Sign up in person at any Club event or with any Club official.


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