2018 Waterloo Disc Golf Club Membership (Austin,TX)

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Code Division Price Limit Players Status
CUS1 Renew - 1 Year $15.00 None 8 Open
CUS2 Renew - 3 Year $40.00 None 11 Open
CUS3 Renew - 5 Years $65.00 None 0 Open
CUS4 Renew - 10 Years $125.00 None 0 Open
CUS5 Renew - Lifetime $300.00 None 1 Open
CUS6 New Member - Player $20.00 None 7 Open
CUS7 New Member - Supporting $40.00 None 5 Open

Event Details

Come join one of the largest clubs around, and help support disc golf in Austin, TX.  Already a member?  Thanks!  You can also use this site to renew your club membership to help us continue to grow the sport.
Waterloo Disc Golf Club in Austin, Texas, was created to promote the sport of disc golf to the general public through organization and education, and to give disc golfers a voice in general community issues which impact the sport.  The club is also dedicated to the giving back to the community through charitable contributions of our members’ time, talents, and treasures.
We currently have over 600 members.
We have two membership levels at which you can join:
 You’ll receive: a special blue t-shirt with club logo (not sold to public); special "member" disc w/ your member # on it; $10 Disc Nation gift certificate;
 $15 annual renewal due each January 1st
 You’ll receive: a special "member" disc w/ your member # on it; $10 Disc Nation gift certificate;
 $15 annual renewal due each January 1st
If you are already a club member, you can renew your membership one year at a time or for multiple years.
1 Year Renewal         $15
3 Year Renewal         $40  (save $5)
5 Year Renewal         $65  (save $10)
10 Year Renewal       $125  (save $25)
Lifetime Renewal      $300  (save a lot!)
You'll receive a "club thank you gift" each year when you renew.  For 2018, that gift is a $10 Disc Nation Gift Certificate that you can use at their store or on their website.  If renewing for multiple years, you will receive another thank you gift at the beginning of each year.

Some of the items your dues will go towards are: course maintenance and improvements, basic supplies and equipment for the club, sponsorship of tournaments, and charitable events.  Since the formation of the club in 1999, Waterloo DGC has spent more than $43,000 on course improvements here in Austin, and has given more than $80,000 worth of sponsorship to various Central Texas tournaments.  We have also raised over $125,000 for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central TX, $2,200 for Austin Parks Foundation, $7,400 for EDGE (Educational Disc Golf Experience), and $12,500 plus 4,000 pounds of food for Central Texas Food Bank.  You can count on the club to continue these efforts.

For more information about the club, you can check out our website (www.austindiscgolf.org) or our
Facebook page (Waterloo Disc Golf Club (Austin, Texas). You can also call the club cell phone at (512) 994-9508 or email the club at waterloodgc@gmail.com.
You can join or renew here on the DGU site, in person at any of our events, or you can mail your information and payment to: Waterloo DGC, PO Box 33531, Austin, TX 78764.
If mailing it in, please include the following:
Membership Level
Mailing Address
Phone Number(s)
Email Address
If joining as a Supporting Member, include your t-shirt size (from Youth Small up to Adult XXXL) and whether you would like a men's cut or women's cut.


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