Battle of 1827

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Code Division Price Limit Players Status
MPO Open $75.00 None 14 Closed
MPM Masters (40+) $75.00 None 2 Closed
MPG Grandmaster (50+) $75.00 None 1 Closed
MPS Sr. Grandmaster (60+) $75.00 None 1 Closed
FPO Open - Women $75.00 None 0 Closed
FPM Masters (40+) - Women $75.00 None 1 Closed
MA1 Advanced $50.00 None 19 Closed
MA2 Intermediate $50.00 None 18 Closed
MA3 Recreational $50.00 None 13 Closed
MM1 Advanced Master (40+) $50.00 None 14 Closed
MG1 Advanced Grandmaster (50+) $50.00 None 3 Closed
FA1 Advanced - Women $50.00 None 5 Closed
MJ3 12 & Under Boys $25.00 None 1 Closed
Waiting List $5.00 0 Open

Event Details

Sky High DGC
24510 California HWY 2
Wrightwood, CA 93544


Glen Helen Regional Park
2555 Glen Helen Pkwy
San Bernadino, CA 92407

1 Day, 2 Rounds Tournament, 2 Courses!

You will get the best versions of these 2 courses available! Get excited! More players, means better pay-outs.

There will be no players packs for the Pros, other than snack bars and water. All Pro entry fees will go to the prize pool. Optional Shirts will be available for purchase.
All Am players will receive a T-shirt, snack bars, water, and at least one disc.

There will be 2 Pools in this tournament. There will NOT be an "Ironman" option.

Pool-A will include MA1(Advanced Men) and all Pro divisions.
Pool-B will include all remaining divisions.
This set-up is subject to change, according to which divisions sell the most spots.

Pool-A will start at Glen Helen at 8:30am.
Pool-B will start at Wrightwood at 8:00am.
After round 1, players will swap courses.

Pool-A Players' meeting will be at 8:15am sharp. Tee at 8:30am. The 2nd Round should start at 1pm, but is subject to change.
Pool-B Players' meeting will be at 7:45am sharp. Tee at 8:00am. The 2nd Round should start at 1pm, but is subject to change.

The gate to Glen Helen park will open at 7am. There will be a $10 gate fee PER CAR at the front gate, upon entry to the park. This price is non-negotiable. It is NOT included in your registration fee.

Lunch will be available at Wrightwood, and can be purchased at registration.

On Sunday, there will be an optional Non-Sanctioned Bring-Your-Partner Doubles round, for $20 per player. There will be 2 divisions available: Open and 1900 or less-Combined PDGA rating. Doubles at Wrightwood is always awesome! Bring It!


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