9 Hole Disc Golf Experience

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Code Division Price Limit Players Status
CUS1 Barry Schultz Thurday $50.00 3 0 Closed
CUS2 Barry Schultz Friday $50.00 3 1 Closed
CUS3 Cam Todd Thurday $50.00 3 0 Closed
CUS4 Cam Todd Friday $50.00 3 2 Closed
CUS5 Nate Sexton Thursday $50.00 3 0 Closed
CUS6 Nate Sexton Friday $50.00 3 0 Closed

Event Details

The 9 Hole Disc Golf Experience is a 'once in a lifetime opportunity'. You must pre-register through DGU to reserve your tee time with player of your choice. You will play a 9 hole round of Disc Golf on the Whispering Pines Amateur Disc Golf Course with you and up to 2 other people. During the round your Pro of choice will analyze your disc golf techniques and give you constructive criticism to help you improve your game. After the front 9 holes are completed, finish the back 9 of the course while working on the techniques and advice you received. Green and Cart Fees Not Included.


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