Sun King/TPDGC present Sand Slug Slinger

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Pro Field 20 Player Limit

Code Division Price Limit Players Status
MPO Open $59.00 14 18 Closed
MPM Masters (40+) $54.00 2 2 Closed
FPO Open - Women $59.00 2 3 Closed

Amateur Field 70 Player Limit

Code Division Price Limit Players Status
MA1 Advanced $54.00 12 10 Closed
MA2 Intermediate $49.00 22 23 Closed
MA3 Recreational $49.00 14 13 Closed
MM1 Advanced Master (40+) $54.00 6 6 Closed
MG1 Advanced Grandmaster (50+) $54.00 13 13 Closed
FA3 Recreational - Women $49.00 5 5 Closed
Waiting List $5.00 25 Open
Waiting List $5.00 25 Open

Event Details

Sun King/TPDGC presents
3rd Annual Sand Slug Slinger
John S. Taylor Park - Largo FL
Saturday, August 2nd &
Sunday, August 3rd 2014
Tour del Sol - PDGA B-Tier Event

The goal of the Tour del Sol is to bring out new players, raise money for EDGE and have fun while also offering a competitive opportunity for experienced tournament players.

Event Details/Schedule

7/31/2014 @ 11:45pm
(20) Spots will be held for Open Men/Women divisions
until 7/21/14 @ 12:00pm

Day of event registrations subject
to $5 EDGE donation
Format: (3) Rounds of 18 holes with a Final 6 for top players in MPO & FPO*
*Weather permitting/Minimum division requirements
Friday - 8/1
$5 Random Draw Doubles - Sign-up @ 3:30pm, Draw teams @ 4pm SHARP!
Saturday - 8/2
8:00am: Player Check-In
9:30am: Players Meeting
Rounds 1 & 2
Sunday - 8/3
9:00am: 3rd Round Tee Time
Final 6 & Awards to follow
Pro Entry Fees/Info
A Minimum of $500 Added Cash To the Open Men & Women Divisions Only
Open Men/Open Women - $59
All Other Pro Divisions - $54

Amateur Entry Fees/Info
Advanced - $54
Intermediate - $49
Recreational - $49

Amateur divisons players packages will include players choice of (3) golf discs plus extras, a $50 value!

All entry fees include $3 PDGA fee and $1 donation to the EDGE program.
Non-PDGA members and not current PDGA members subject to $10 fee.

Guide To Determining Your Division:
Professional - These are the most skilled players in Disc Golf. Experience usually runs a minimum of (5) or more years with some older players with (20+) years. Part of their Professional status includes the responsibility for "passing the torch" by teaching other players the correct course etiquette and behavior along with the rules and standards of tournament play. Virtually all Professional Disc Golf players are members of the Professional Disc Golf Association. Professional players typically compete for monetary prizes*.
Advanced - These players are usually long time players of (3+ years) and regularly score under par. Many are active PDGA members and play organized tournaments as well.
Intermediate - Most of these players have a few years of experience (1-3) but don't consistently play under par. Some will be active PDGA members and most will have played organized tournaments.
Recreational - Just like it sounds - these players play casually, sometimes a few times a week, but lack competitve training and rarely play under par. These players might not even be aware of the PDGA or it's rules that govern play.
Novice - Strictly for new players that have either never played Disc Golf or just a handful of times.
Junior - Reserved for players under 17 years old. Skill levels typically of the Recreational or Novice divisions.

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