Sun Valley Open 2014

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Code Division Price Limit Players Status
MPO Open $90.00 None 18 Closed
MPM Masters (40+) $80.00 None 3 Closed
MPG Grandmaster (50+) $75.00 None 5 Closed
MPS Sr. Grandmaster (60+) $65.00 None 2 Closed
FPO Open - Women $90.00 None 1 Closed
FPM Masters (40+) - Women $80.00 None 0 Closed
FPG Grandmaster (50+) - Women $75.00 None 0 Closed
MA1 Advanced $65.00 None 30 Closed
MA2 Intermediate $60.00 None 20 Closed
MA3 Recreational $50.00 None 11 Closed
MM1 Advanced Master (40+) $60.00 None 12 Closed
MG1 Advanced Grandmaster (50+) $60.00 None 4 Closed
FA1 Advanced - Women $65.00 None 1 Closed
FA2 Intermediate - Women $60.00 None 1 Closed
FA3 Recreational - Women $50.00 None 1 Closed
FM1 Advanced Master (40+) - Women $60.00 None 0 Closed
FG1 Advanced Grandmaster (50+) - Women $60.00 None 0 Closed

Event Details

The event will follow PDGA current rules and guidelines. Players are subject to, and responsible for knowing the rules and competition manual guideline. Non-compliance may result in exclusion or ejection from the event, and reporting relevant to PDGA standards, and/or local government. Check-In is handled at the Tournament Central Tent outside the main Sun Valley Clubhouse. Group Round 1 start times will not begin early, Group start times for Rounds 2 & 3 are subject to change via announcement and/or posting at tournament central, and is the responsibility of the player to be aware and present to begin his/her round. Fun! Fun! Fun! Following all rounds, the SVO offers a 5-hole doubles skins match. Every Player is eligible for entry into the skins match via auto-bid or via raffle. 4 auto-bid entries are awarded based on "best of hot rounds" during the event. 4 Raffle bids will be paired with auto-bid players. This format has yielded some intense, exciting to watch disc golf. All awards will follow.


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