BlackGold Shootout

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Code Division Price Limit Players Status
MPO Open $60.00 None 5 Closed
MPM Masters (40+) $60.00 None 2 Closed
MPG Grandmaster (50+) $60.00 None 2 Closed
FPO Open - Women $60.00 None 0 Closed
MA1 Advanced $40.00 None 15 Closed
MA2 Intermediate $40.00 None 17 Closed
MA3 Recreational $40.00 None 15 Closed
MM1 Advanced Master (40+) $40.00 None 5 Closed
MG1 Advanced Grandmaster (50+) $40.00 None 6 Closed
MS1 Advanced Sr. Grandmaster (60+) $40.00 None 2 Closed
ML1 Advanced Legend (70+) $40.00 None 0 Closed
FA1 Advanced - Women $40.00 None 0 Closed
FA2 Intermediate - Women $40.00 None 1 Closed

Event Details

The Coalinga Disc Golf Club Presents the First Annual BLACKGOLD Shootout at the brand new DiscGolf course at KECK PARK in Coalinga California. Saturday July 19th 2014 This Event is #4 in the new CENCAL Series. PDGA C TIER event. 2 Rounds. 70 Spots. Raffle, Ring-o-Fire Giveaways, $50 CTP. Park is public and open when sun comes up. Players meeting 8:30am Teeoff at 9am. To maximize payout there will not be lunch catered, however the park is 1 block from ALL FASTFOOD restaurants. There will be a 1 hour break for lunch upon the last players card being turned in. Starbucks, Mc D's, Burger K, Taco bell, Fasttrip etc... within a few blocks. Contact tourn-direct Jason@ 480.226.1298. Please join us as we put Coalinga on the DISCGOLF map!! There will be a fund-raiser "Doubles" tourney the weekend before (July 12th) tee off at 10 am, Bring your own partner. Call or text Director for details.


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