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CUS1 General $20.00 None 5 Closed

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This will be our first tournament in the Ice Bowl Series. As with all previous tournaments free food and discs will be provided.

The first Ice Bowl was held January 18, 1987, when 34 intrepid disc golfers trundled through five inches of snow at Albert-Oakland Park in Columbia, Missouri. Two months later, in the inaugural issue of Disc Golf World News, we ran a brief story about the Ice Bowl, promising to promote a national “Ice Bowl Sunday” on the Sunday before the Super Bowl as a day of “disc golf solidarity” and “a remembrance that the disc golf season will return.” We suggested that it shouldn’t cost too much and that “you might want to make a pot of chili or build a fire.”

In the ensuing 24 years, Ice Bowl has not merely thrived, it has become synonymous with charity, fun, and community within the disc golf world. Like most visions, it has evolved. The idea of getting everyone to play on the same day was quickly abandoned, first to an Ice Bowl Weekend and finally to the Ice Bowl Corridor, which now is any weekend in January and February. At the first Ice Bowl, we prohibited wimps and it was a few years later that “whiners” were added to the no-fly list, thus completing the “No Wimps, No Whiners” tagline that is still with us.


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