2014 Charlotte Club Membership

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Code Division Price Limit Players Status
CUS1 2014 Membership $25.00 None 205 Closed
CUS2 Lifetime Membership $250.00 None 9 Closed

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Great courses for you to play! Your support goes directly to course improvements. 

Event discounts. $1 reduced entry fees for Club Singles Championship Series and Club Doubles Events.  There are over 25 Club Singles events and 20 Club Doubles events scheduled in 2014.

Merchandise Special Orders.  We can pick up Innova Merchandise on a weekly basis. Choose specific colors and weights for your discs!

Get PDGA Rated Rounds AND earn points toward an invitation to the CDGC Club Singles Championship in the weekly Club Championship Series.

Numbered Bag Tags for fun & informal year round competition and camaraderie.

You get your lost discs back since your name will now be in circulation with a lot of upstanding folks!

Good karma on the courses – guaranteed!


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