SEMO Ice Bowl

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Code Division Price Limit Players Status
All No Divisions $30.00 None 26 Closed

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The first 20 players to register will will recieve a 2014 Ice Bowl Disc.  There will be an optional Ace Pool.  $5.00 covers both rounds of the Ace Pool.  There will also be free CTP's, but we are not sure how many yet.  There will also be an Ace Run going throughout the day, which will consist of a basket being set a certain distance away and players taking shots to try and "ace" it.  It will cost $5.00 for 3 throws.  With both Ace events, it will be winner(s)-take-all.  If there is no winner, then the funds go to the charity.  At the conclusion of the event there will be a Ring of Fire contest, which is free to tournament participants.  There will be an hour-long lunch break between rounds.  Lunch will be available on-site.  For $5.00 players can get a bowl of chili, a soda, and a snack.  There will be a 50/50 drawing, and there may be other items raffled off as well.


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