Ice Bowl at Prado Regional Park

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Code Division Price Limit Players Status
CUS1 General $20.00 None 33 Closed
CUS2 Juniors $10.00 None 3 Closed

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 Saturday January 11th Inland Disc Golf will be hosting the Ice Bowl at Prado Regional Park! Check-in begins at 8:30 am and players meeting will begin at 9:30 am. This will be the 2nd stop for the Golden Sombrero Ice Bowl series in southern California. Registration fees will be $20 and $10 for juniors 15 years or younger. Players pack will include your choice of a Glow Destroyer or Glow Roc3 with the Golden Sombrero stamp featuring all the clubs holding events in the series this year. This will be just the second chance of 2014 to get out and play some golf! All proceeds raised will go to Second Harvest Food Bank which helps to distribute food among the Riverside and San Bernadino Counties. We will be playing 2 fun rounds with and emphasis on mulligans and supporting our charity. All participants are encouraged to bring canned food goods to help end hunger in the Inland Empire and get yourself some free raffle tickets! We've had great turnouts at Prado and hope to continue that in support of a charity. The Ice Bowl is a great opportunity to come hang out with friends, make new friends, or play your first event in a casual and fun setting. A flyer will be available online at our Facebook page if you do not have Facebook and would like to ask some questions you can reach me at my personal email We intend to have another large raffle and encourage anyone to help enlarge it by donating disc related items. Lets get together, raise money to end hunger, and have a great time with one another. 

Look forward to seeing you
Jeremy Fairchild


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