Carmichael Disc Golf League Carmichael, CA, USA


Wednesday night disc golf league. Handicapps and ace pot. 7 dollars to play, Dollar for ace pot, dollar for course fund and 5 towards the pot. We start at 6pm, day or night, rain or shine. New league every 12 weeks with trophies for top 4 points leaders.


Tuesday 05/06/2014 10:59 PM

ok above me is a good description but fgorot to fully answer the question . If two people tie the hole carries over , meaning the money gets added to the value of the next hole , and whomever shoots lowest gets the loot. Typical skins game also have the first 6 holes at one set figure , the next six go up in value and the last 6 go up in value again. In your examples : even though a and b pushed hole one it carries over to hole two , since C wins hole 2 he collects the value of both 1 and 2 . If a and b push hole 3 and cand d push hole 4 , hole 5 is now worth the value of 3,4, and 5 . Gets interesting huh?


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