Hott Shott National Championships - Alabama Men Augusta, GA, USA


Tuesday 05/06/2014 10:58 PM

Our deepest sehiatmpys and condolences to the Emami and Tehrani families and all who knew Mehrdad joon. We all carry such a heavy heart today. People come and go in our lives, however, some leave a hand print on our hearts forever. Mehrdad joon you were one of those individuals, for all the people whom you’ve known, you have touched in a very special way. Your loyalty, genuineness, compassion, and love towards your family, friends, and colleagues were nonpareil You were a great friend and teacher to us all. Your paradigmatic love for Shirin joon was unequivocal. You exuded pure jubilance when you were around Nina joon and Leila joon. You were a true virtuoso in the kitchen, with all the love and care you put into the preparation of your appetizers and meals alongside Shirin joon. I know that you are watching over them, and the rest of your family from up above. I know God will guide them, give them the strength and will to deal with your absence. I know your legacy and tenderness will live through them. Yet somehow one can’t find comfort in that. Your absence, my dear friend, is a great loss to all who knew you. You will forever be missed, you will forever be in our hearts.Nazanin and Majid


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