Hott Shott National Championships - Youth Women (13 - 17) Augusta, GA, USA


Tuesday 05/06/2014 07:10 PM

My favorite meomry of Rex is when I saw him a week before the accident. Rex was coming home from work and as the keys jingled in the door the kids launched themselves down the hall like missiles smiles and “daddy” screams plowing into Rex as he came thru the door. Nina welded herself to Rex’s leg as Leila did the fastest waddle I’ve ever seen, beaming ear to ear. Rex proceeded to be the super dad make berry smoothie’s and chit chat with Nina who had everything to tell while holding Leila who wouldn’t let go. He gave Shirin that smile that only someone that loves you a million times over can give. I remember thinking wow they are so in love. I wish I could video that image and keep it forever for the girls and Shirin. Rex was truly an amazing dad and one of those people who you felt privileged to know. This is an unbearable tragedy and we hug our children tighter and give our spouses extra hugs. Rex I promise to you I will love your children like my own, cry with Shirin when she cries, laugh with her when she’s ready to laugh again and hug her tightly when she thinks of the smile you gave her when you walked thru the door. We love you Rex. Tyson, Chris, Sydney and Kayden.


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