Tuscaloosa Fall PDGA League Tuscaloosa, AL, USA


You’re invited to participate in the TDGC PDGA League This is a PDGA sanctioned league. For new and amateur players: it’s a great opportunity to meet other disc golfers, improve your game, and learn about competitive (but still friendly) play. For pros and advanced players: it's a chance to log some PDGA rated rounds while tutoring less experienced players.

There will be Two Divisions:
MA1 - Advanced
MA3 - Recreational
Both divisions will have a field payout of 50%

Seasonal play will run 10 weeks and you have to be a TDGC member to qualify for payout. You will have to have COMPLETED 7 rounds to qualify for payout. A completed round means a player has "Holed Out" each hole. Incomplete holes will be scored at par + 8.

When: Monday Nights
Where: Bowers Park
5:00pm Registration
5:15pm shotgun start

Weekly Cost:
$6.00 (TDGC Member)
$7.00 (Non- Member)

$4.25 Division Purse
$1.00 DGUnited Scoring Purse
$0.50 PDGA round fee
(Total purse less seasonal league registration $25.00)

$1 ace pot (optional)

TDGC Member Dues will be $20 and includes bag tag.

50% of the field paid-out at end of each 10 week period based on lowest scores. To qualify for end of season payout you must have recorded at least 7 rounds during the 10 week league. Players may drop their highest rounds in excess of the minimum six rounds required. DNF Rounds may not be dropped.

Style of play will be singles. PDGA rules will be followed with the exception that players over the age of 21 may consume alcohol if the park allows it. Groups will be mixed divisions some of the time, unassigned (player choice) some of the time, and selected by division and/or handicap some of the time. This is to accommodate our goal of: helping new golfers learn and get better, logging competitive PDGA rated rounds, and having fun. The method of group selection will not be announced beforehand.

The first 10 week league will be at Bowers Park. The league will always have signups at 5pm and start at 5:15 on Mondays.

• $1 Ace Pot each week (optional) Ace Pool will be capped at $100 to begin applying money to the Back Up Ace Pool. (i.e. if there is $127 available in the Ace Pool, $100 would be available for aces, while $27 would be applied to a back up Ace Pool)

Signing up:
There is no sign-up fee. You can sign up at any of the events listed above, Please send your name and PDGA # to

See you out there!

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