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Wednesday 05/07/2014 01:33 AM

Hey Guys, I finally deicded to make an account on here after months of lurking lol so please bear with me Since the community here is so awesome, I thought I'd share a few sites that I've been frequenting lately.The first site is , its an awesome place to get good deals on electronics and watches. shipping's free too (not quite sure how it works out for them but hey, thats not my problem.) so thate28099s a plus.I also like going to volume rate. Prices arene28099t as good as Leetboss (no free shipping, unfortunately), and some of their goods come slightly damaged because of bad packaging, but their selection is nice.Anyway, I hope this will solve your last minute holiday shopping headaches! Christmas shopping stresses me out more than midterm papers lol Happy Holidays,Paul


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