Airpark Aces Eldon, MO, USA


Tuesday 05/06/2014 09:54 PM

MEHRDAD (Rexi-Baby), you were 1-of-kind bro!!! The 40+ years that we knew each other… the memories we the 5-boys of the failmy shared growing up (You, Kamran, Farid, Afshin & I) were amazing, unforgettable times and we'll miss you greatly. We shared so many good times and laughs together over the years. From our little wrestling matches from our childhood years when you would take on Kamran & I at the same time forcing us to tap out with some pain time after time , the good times playing games at get-togethers, mountain biking, playing football, basketball, volleyball, camping, fixing/working on our cars & homes, our sport injuries where we would say oh sh_t, not again , working together & brainstorming for solutions, helping each other when we needed it… and so many other things that it saddens/disturbs me knowing you’re no longer here with us. I’ll always remember you for your positive & calm attitude and all the great times we shared together. And want you to know that you’ll forever always have a very special place deep within my heart & our entire failmy. My sincere condolences to both the Emami & Tehrani families. Hoping for a fast & full recovery for Shirin and a happy future for their two lovely daughters Nina and Leila.R.I.P. Rexi We love you,Alec & Kelly


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