Rengo Saturday Singles Marengo, IL, USA


$ 7.00 Entry Fee is divided up as follows.
$ 4.00 Goes towards Weekly Payout
$ 1.00 Goes towards Hot Round (Best Scratch Score)
$ 1.00 Goes towards Ace Fund (Ace cap at $100)
$ 0.50 Goes towards 10 Week Session Payout
$ 0.50 Goes to Marengo Disc Golf Club ($0.25 of which pays for Disc Golf United)

For Players who have not yet established a handicap
$ 3.00 (Hot Round, Ace Fund, 50/50)

=== Rules, etc ===

Standard PDGA Rules Apply. Observe all OB on course signage.

Please show up at least 10 minutes before tee off time to pay, etc.

For Payouts we will use calculator provided by DGU, with 33.33% of players paid out, with a steeper payout curve. (favors higher finishers)



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