GnR Fall Glow League 2013 Birmingham, AL, USA


Grip-And-Rip: Fall Glow League 2013

North Jasper Park
Tuesdays, October 15 - Dec 17

Course Rotation*:
A Rotation - Weeks 1-5
B Rotation – Weeks 6-11
(*subject to change)

TEE TIME -- 6:45 PM Sharp!
(Please be on-site with your bag tag turned in no later than 6:30 for the players' meeting.)

League Cost $10 - $20
$10 for all 10 weeks of league
$10 for a GnR bag tag (if you don’t already have one)
Optional Weekly $3 CTP and $2 Ace Pot
- Ace pot will be rolled over each week until hit. (payout 80% if hit before week 8, 100% thereafter)

League Rules
- Participants must be a GnR tag holder and must have their bag tag in possession for every league round in order for score to count that week. Tags are always on the line during league play, using raw round scores after each round.
- Players are required to play a minimum of 5 league rounds during the 11-week series to establish a handicap and for accumulated points to be valid.
- Max players per group: 4 - This is primarily for speed of play.
- A group scorecard MUST be kept and turned in after each league round.
- All PDGA rules are in effect. (

Trophy award for each winner:
- Highest Total Overall League Points and/or
- Best Overall Raw Scoring Average (Per Division)
*Best 5 rounds count towards point total and scoring average

League Points Overview:
- The 5 highest finishes by handicapped scores for each player will count toward the overall league points total
- Points are awarded each week to the 25 highest finishing players (by handicap adjusted scores).
- Weekly Points awarded are: 25 points for 1st Place, 24 for 2nd Place, etc…
- Players will receive 1 bonus point for each week played.



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