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Amateur Disc Golf Organization

Event Name Date(s) State City Type Spots Registration Status Watch
Canaan Disc Golf Adventures Passes Mon - Mon
Jan 01 - Dec 31
SC Rock Hill ADGMembership 150
83 Players
Amateur Disc Golf - Buxton Woods Sat Feb 17 OR Buxton ADG 50
Full / Closed
Amateur Disc Golf - Taylor Mountain Regional Park Sun Apr 08 CA Santa Rosa ADG 75
Full / Closed
Old Man Matthias Disc Shootout Sat Jul 14 NM FARMINGTON ADG 45
Full / Closed
Amateur Disc Golf - Lions Wilderness DGC Sat Jul 14 NM FARMINGTON ADG 45
0 Players
1st Annual Grandview Fall Fest Dubs at the park Driven by Innova Sat Sep 15 IN grandview ADG 36
Full / Closed


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