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Amateur Disc Golf Organization

Event Name Date(s) State City Type Spots Registration Status Watch
Canaan Disc Golf Adventures Passes Mon - Mon
Jan 01 - Dec 31
SC Rock Hill ADGMembership 150
105 Players
Amateur Disc Golf - Buxton Woods Sat Feb 17 OR Buxton ADG 50
Full / Closed
Amateur Disc Golf - Taylor Mountain Regional Park Sun Apr 08 CA Santa Rosa ADG 75
Full / Closed
Old Man Matthias Disc Shootout Sat Jul 14 NM FARMINGTON ADG 45
Full / Closed
Amateur Disc Golf - Lions Wilderness DGC Sat Jul 14 NM FARMINGTON ADG 45 No Online Registration
1st Annual Grandview Fall Fest Dubs at the park Driven by Innova Sat Sep 15 IN grandview ADG 36
Full / Closed


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