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Music City Disc Golf

Event Name Date(s) State City Type Spots Registration Status Watch
Seven Oaks Summer Solstice - Sponsored by Dynamic Discs Sat Jun 30 TN Nashville PDGA 99
Full / Closed
Independence Dubz 2018 Sat Jul 07 TN Nashville 38
Full / Closed
Cane Ridge Open Sun Oct 14 TN Nashville FundraiserCharity Event 144
0 Players
VooDoo Doubles 2018 - Halloween at Oggwood Sat Oct 20 TN Cedar Hill 38
20 Players
The Bell Witch Open Presented by Dynamic Discs Sun Oct 21 TN Cedar Hill PDGA 90
27 Players
The Ambassador Cup 5 -- Team Challenge Sun Nov 04 TN Cedar Hill 18
13 Players


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